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Buying a glass fence? Then you should read this

Should You Consider A Glass Fence For Your Home’s Next Upgrade and Improvement 


Have you been contemplating on making upgrades to your home’s look? Have you considered the purchase of a glass fence to upgrade your home’s look? Many homeowners have opted for glass fences for their home’s stairway, pool and/or balustrade because it gives the home a more modern feel and look.


Of course, it’s important you know a few things about the project before you undertake such a concept. After all, the lack of it means you could lose out financially and be left with shoddy work. You’ll be disappointed with what you get, which is something you do not want!


Glass Panel Prices Do Not Come Cheap

Keep in mind that glass panels are expensive, ranging anywhere from $300 to $700 per panel depending on four things:

  • Size
  • Quality
  • State
  • Modification


Here’s an example: you need a minimum of 20 meters for a price of $400 per meter. This equates to $8,000 not including miscellaneous and labor costs.

You might be wondering if you should even consider this as an option. Two words: unequivocally yes!


4 Key Questions People Often Ask Themselves About Home Improvements

If you want a real investment for your home – something that gives your home some added value and pizazz, a glass panel is a wonderful, worthwhile option to consider.


1 – Can you do the installation yourself?

While it’s perfectly okay to do the fencing installation yourself, it’s, by now means, no easy feat.  There are several things you must have correct and understand

  • Measurements
  • Glass quality
  • Regulations
  • Drilling


It’s possible you can do it right yourself. However, you may or may not, in the long run, save yourself the money you’re trying to save.


On top of that, a professional installer will offer a workmanship warranty and, should something go horribly wrong, their insurance is the one to cover any damage. You always want to see a contractor’s warranty papers before you let them start on any installation. What rights will you have if something should go wrong?


2 – How can you choose from the various companies?


The best part of the industry is that there are many competitors and partners. Due to competition, prices are low and work quality is high. It’s a good idea to talk with various companies, which many offer to do free of charge, to learn what their prices are and what materials they use.   Don’t snub at higher-priced quotes, as there is often a reason for them. Be sure you talk to as many companies as you can and narrow down the best ones that meet your needs. From there, decide who is offering you the best deal for your money.


3 – Are there regulations in place to ensure quality?


Australia has some of the stringent fencing standard laws regardless of whether the fencing is for a swimming pool, stairway or balcony. These laws are in place to protect consumers from contractors who may try and use low-quality glass.


You can check out some of the features here:


The majority of companies comply with the standard materials Australia demands.  However, there are still some that will use low-quality materials that will break and cause financial burden. Make sure you do your homework on each constructor before settling on one to do business with. After all, you want to get the best price for the right quality of materials.


4 – Are there any regulation-enforced rules you should know before starting on your home improvement?


There are several regulations you should be aware of – they’re stringent and need to be followed to the letter. And, they’re there to ensure fences are properly installed, use high-quality supplies and that individuals or companies are not careless in the fence installation process. We here at Blue Sky Fencing take the council laws seriously and will do whatever we have to in making sure our clients are safe.

We hope you enjoyed this article. If you have any further questions feel free to contact us

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